Friday, November 02, 2007

Back in business

I would apologize for my absence but I am not sure if anyone is reading this - so, why apologize. Rather, let's journal about what has been happening since... the last time. Journey wise, there was the trip to the Balkans. We visited my beloved Romania with a short, 3 days detour in Bulgaria. Oh, the Balkans...

Romania or Roumania or Rumania. As you like it. Dracula's country and that was, of course, something my wife needed to come to terms with. So, we visited "Dracula's Castle" or Bran Castle (as Romanians know it). A fierce castle overlooking a steep valley from the top of a fiery rock. Intimidating as intimidating can be.
Now, once you get in, it turns out that the frightening exteriors are just that: a facade... as the living quarters are all lovely and warm and cozy. Painted walls (instead of the bare rock one would expect), warm carpets, wall decorations? It so happens that in the early twentieth century the castle was given as a gift to Queen Maria of Romania who felt that its surly character needed a change and off she went... the result would make the queer eye for the straight gay nod in approval. And there it is, in all its glory, like a dog that barks but does not bite: looking fierce from a distance but wagging its tail and licking your hand as soon as you approach it.
Now, in case you are interested, the castle is for sale. Which irritates the heck out of me as I can envision some fancy hotel chain or just some rich Joe and Jane getting it and wiping off 8 centuries of history only because they can affort to do so...

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